How To Make A Smoothie That Helps You Lose Weight While You Sleep

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The only thing better than losing weight is being able to shed your excess pounds while you sleep.  And, the fact that it involves drinking a smoothie that will make your taste buds sing is just an added bonus.

This beverage is loaded with ingredients proven to reverse aging (think sweet, juicy cherries), calm your body (creamy bananas) and bring about restful, yet metabolism boosting sleep (via soy milk that has dreamed inducing tryptophan).

Want the recipe? Here it is…

The Lose Weight While You Sleep Smoothie

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  1. Charmaine says:

    I am 65 year old..I need to lose at least 30kg..I suffer from insomnia and have to take 3 valarian tablets and still get no sleep..I fall asleep around 4A.M and wake up about 3 hours later feel very tired and depressed..Can you please give me a recipe for a smoothie that will relax me and help me sleep..
    Thank you so much..
    Charmaine Missol
    NSW Australia